The Italian duo System of Survival present their latest album, D-Votion, at the legendary CDLC Barcelona. Get to know a little bit more about Alex & Bingo.


  1. What’s your opinion on the electronic music scene in Spain?

We are based in Barcelona and there are a lot of very good clubs, professional organization and Festivals that can satisfy every electronic music taste. What we see is that in general the Electronic Music scene in Spain is very active at the moment.


  1. What can we expect of your performance at CDLC?

It’s the first time for us to perform at CDLC but  we have already been there few times as customers and we always had a lot of fun. It’s a very comfortable place, full of cool people. Tonight our first performance in this special place takes place in a very special occasion because it’s our Album Launch party and we think that CDLC is the perfect place. It will be a great night!


  1. Which artists have you found most inspiring towards your own work?

As Dj that inspiring us for sure is Ron Hardy because of his “rock n roll” attitude.

About musical inspiration; from The Clash to Miles Davis to 808 state to Naked Funk to Tangerine Dream to Black Flag …among others. The list is very long to mention.


  1. Are you working on any new projects at the moment? What are your future plans?

It was a very productive year, we’ve been finishing our album that has taken 3 years and releasing remixes for Roisin Murphy, DJ Pierre, El Mundo & Satori to name a few.

Now we are preparing the next single extract from the album that will be on vinyl. We’ll have also a new ep on vinyl that will be out on Rawax and some other releases for our labels Fventi and Qface.