Dutch Dj and producer Steve Rachmad is one of the top representatives of the techno scene in his homeland, Amsterdam. His music captures the escence of the Detroit sound, adding a particular groovy beat to it that never lets you go.


  1. What’s your opinion on the electronic music scene in Spain?


I think Spain has one of the most vibrant scenes there is. Especially when it comes to techno music, there’s always a lot going on. Guys like Oscar Mulero and Paco Osuna have been around for ages, and are still doing amazing work. Meanwhile, so many Spanish DJs are creating a sound of their own, every year I discover new exciting stuff coming from Spain. Of course the club events and festivals are also very interesting, with Sonar as one of the best examples of how the underground can conquer a big audience without losing its core identity.


  1. What can we expect of your next performance at R33 as STERAC?


A blend of energetic techno and catchy Detroit sounds. It’s the sound I’ve alway stood for and am still developing and finetuning till this very day. And you might just hear some new tracks swing by; I recently did a rerelease of my old Scorp tracks on Token, as well as a Sterac remix for the Martinez Brothers label. I’ve also been working on other tracks, hope to play you some of those too – you might be getting an exclusive first live play then!


  1. Which artists have you found most inspiring towards your own work?


Well, my first influences were 80’s disco sounds, and I’ve alway admired the productions of Francois Kevorkian back then – definitely a big influence. After that, the classic Detroit sounds by for example Derrick May brought me into techno territory, I really wanted to bring my own take on their sound. Meanwhile, I also like the generation that followed, as well as the European techno from someone like Laurent Garnier and, after that, Ricardo Villalobos. More recently, I’ve been listening a lot to producers like Luke Slater, Kenny Larkin


  1. Are you working on any new projects at the moment? What are your future plans?


Right now I’m still recovering from the ADE, where I played various gigs, including the Tresor Berlin 25 Years ADE party as well as Hyte (together with Ricardo Villalobos) and Circoloco Loveland. Release wise, I’m putting a stop on remixes and focussing again on my own tracks, I would like to finish off my Sterac album finally. On a totally new note, in January comes out my Sterac Electronics album on Tom Trago‘s Voyage Direct, an 80’s boogie disco electro album.


  1. Steve what can you tell us about Sterac as one of your various Alter Ego´s?


STERAC was set up in the early 90s making it possible for myself to really concentrate on the classic Detroit techno stuff. Like I said, I wanted to bring my own Detroit sound, and as I was also developing myself in other music genres, I realised it would be best to create a very special alter ego for my Detroit techno productions. And even though I’ve been doing lots of other projects since then, and recently have been playing a lot under my birth name, not using that much alter ego’s anymore, STERAC will always stay alive. It’s one of my dearest projects and I still have lots of plans and ideas for this music.


  1. What are the greatest achievements about the Sterac project?


I think that I’ve been able to really create a sound of my own. That was my foremost goal back then, and I simply started with the influence of those first Detroit producers, and then tried to give it my own twist. I remember the first STERAC track I made, Sitting On Clouds, and feeling very proud of myself, realizing I had made something proper I really stand behind. After that, I got more recognition and felt more confident to follow my musical path. You could say that’s also a great achievement, being able to keep it fresh to myself and my audience for such a long time. I never would have thought I’d still be kicking it in 2016 haha!