Joel Mull is one of the key drivers of the Sweedish Techno wave, a characteristic Scandinavian sound that broadens our senses and searches for new atmospheres in the electronic music panorama.


  1. What’s your opinion on the electronic music scene in Spain?

I´ve had a long relationship with the Electronic Music scene in Spain. It began with buying tapes of Acid house music and balearic beat as a teenager in the 80’s and I had my first encounter with music at the discotecas when I was about fourteen.

And as far as I know the scene is bigger then ever at the moment with a lot of clubs and large Festivals taking place all over the country. Clubbing and dancing to Electronic music is deeply rooted in the Spanish culture and it’s part of how people celebrate and go out.


  1. What can we expect of your next performance at R33?

I will try to take you on a journey and tell you a story; hypnotic melodic techno is my signum and I hope you’ll enjoy it.


  1. Which artists have you found most inspiring towards your own work?

That’s such a big question. I have been a DJ and producing music for almost 23 years now.

So there have been many artists who have made an impact on me. If I must mention names, well then Sven Väth must be the first DJ that inspired me when I started out. He’s always had and maintains to the day such a charismatic character… And he uses it so well. Not many people can play out his role on stage like him. I had so many great moments in his performances over the years. As producers there are too many to name, really difficult.


  1. Are you working on any new projects at the moment? What are your future plans?

There are many nice things happening. First our own label Parabel is starting to pick up and getting great feedback from people all over, makes me very happy.

I´ve had some good and fun studio sessions the past months!  You will definitely see and hear a string of releases coming out on our own Parabel, and on other labels such as Mary Go Wild in Amsterdam, Matter from New York and Last Night on Earth from London.

Also there are many great gigs lined up all over the planet so I’m excited to go and play.