Neapolitan artist Manuel del Giudice never ceases to search for that special connection with the public through his energetic deep beats.


  1. What’s your opinion on the electronic music scene in Spain?

Well if we take Ibiza into consideration, the electronic music scene in Spain has been a worldwide reference for at least 20 years thanks to all the big clubs and the international djs that have played in the island.

Today, Barcelona is without a doubt the place to be in Spain if you are really into quality in what comes to electronic music in general. Thanks to big events like Sónar or Primavera Sound and promoters like Creaductions, Loud and Contact, or IR just to mention a few.


  1. What can we expect of your next performance at R33?

What can you expect of my next performance?

You can expect the same as any of my performances.

I’m just trying to connect with people with the music that I love and I feel is appropriate in that exact moment.


  1. Which artists have you found most inspiring towards your own work?

Well considering my age this is a difficult question to answer to. I had and I have lots of artists in the scene that I love where I have found inspiration.

I’m from Naples so it’s logical that I have been influenced by the big Techno icons of all time like Marco Carola, Markantonio or Gaetano Parisio mainly because I was there…

With the pass of time my taste in music has become more deep and smooth.

To mention some of the artists that I really like and of course inspired me at some point, I’d have to say Matthew Johnson, Matthew Dear, Martin Buttrich and more recently Dj Koze, Andre Lodemann. But they are really just a few of them…


  1. Are you working on any new projects at the moment? What are your future plans?

I have lots of projects in the pipeline. Some of them in collaboration with International producers that live in Barcelona.

I have a new release coming out very soon so you will find out in the next few weeks.