English Dj and producer Nathan Fake will play live on Saturday October 8th at R33. This versatile artist never ceases to surprise his public with the most groundbreaking sounds in the electronic music panorama.

  1. We are all looking forward to your 4th album release! Can you give us any clues on what it’s going to sound like?


– Quite emotional and quite aesthetically different from my last ones. still sounds very “me” nonetheless though I think.


  1. Is Border Community the label behind it?

– No.


  1. How has your music evolved since your first LP?

– Quite a lot I guess…The first album was quite naive and fluffy sounding, I mean I was pretty young, was over 10 years ago. but I think artists kind of grow up quicker these days, they’re exposed to so much music and equipment much sooner than before.


  1. Are you taking any special instruments to your live performance at R33?

– My live set up is pretty small and basic so there won’t be anything that exciting there, I kind of do most of it on the laptop at the moment, but it’s all pretty improvised and live so.


  1. What’s your opinion on the electronic music scene in Spain?

– I think Spain is a great place to play, it’s always been quite close to my heart as Barcelona is actually one of the very first places I played a live show. People really understand the music and everyone’s really enthusiastic and cool.


  1. Which artists have you found most inspiring towards your own work?

– it’s hard to say what inspired my new record really, as I sort of cut myself off from civilization a bit when I made it… But in the past I was inspired by Orbital, Aphex Twin etc. When I was a teenager, they were mainly the artists that made me want to make my own music.