Djs and producers Rodrigo Lozano & Christian Berger, joined together under the pseudonym Deaf Pillow represent the underground electronic music scene in Lima, Perú. Their meticulous deep sound is designed to blow your mind.

They perform this Saturday at R33 Barcelona alongside Delano Smith. Get to know a little bit more about them.


1.What’s your opinion on the electronic music scene in Spain?

We have visited Ibiza and Barcelona in this tour and from our point of view we can relate to a mature underground scene.  We have seen the big level and quality of the events/festivals here and the people of course such a diverse crowd, who knows what they want.


2.What can we expect of your next performance at R33?

We will be playing lots of records on the ‘warm up’ side of things, very deep mental house. That’s when we feel more comfortable, it’s kind of our thing.


3.Which artists have you found most inspiring towards your own work?

Well lots of friends and great artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, tINI, ZIP, among others.


4.Are you working on any new projects at the moment? What are your future plans?

We are currently working on the fourth release from our label, Audionumb Music Limited. Should be ready by November. Original tracks from Rodrigo Rivera with Funk E remixes.